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Lesline Powe-Barton


Mrs. Lesline Powe-Barton is a distinguished cosmetologist and successful entrepreneur who is well known for her positive attitude, skills, knowledge and leadership. She’s the owner of Hair in Motion of New York Salon and Spa (Located in Metrowest) where she established Hair in Motion of New York Apprenticeship Training Program, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) for the purpose of providing advanced technical, customer service and entrepreneurial skills training for newly licensed cosmetologists in order to prepare them for success. In addition to being a trainer, mentor and coach, this astute business woman has a servant’s heart. She and her trainees donate cosmetology services to women shelters and other areas of need. She is married and mother of three children.
Mrs. Powe-Barton began her beauty school education by attending Wilfred Beauty School in New York followed by Dudley University. She has over two decades of varied experiences in the industry which include the following: Countless spreads in beauty publications, Fashion shows including being a part of Fashion Week in New York City, consultant for product lines and working with models, working with celebrities in different aspects of limelight including film, television, award shows and music videos. The many opportunities afforded Lesline shaped her passion and commitment to mentoring and training young and/or novice cosmetologists to become the best in the field.
Hair In Motion of New York has received three proclamations from the City of Orlando and was nominated Business of the Year by BBIF (Black Business Initiatives Funding).

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